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Fic Challenge
Lita/Christian - Convent 2
Probably going to write this myself but posting as a challenge too so hopefully someone *cough* Kori *cough* will take it as well.

Lita’s best male friend is the last living relative of a baby or small child. Having no experience with children he asks Lita for help. Leaving this wide open for people to put their own twist on it. Whoever the guy is is also up to you.

Any takers or comments?

Fic Challenge
Lita - Proud
The challenge is to write a fic based on the song under the cut - It's "Why I got you on my mind" by Ellie Goulding. You don't have to have the lyrics in the fic and it doesn't have to be a song fic as such. Pairing(s) are up to you as long as Lita is a main character.

CutCollapse )

Fic Challenge
Lita - Proud
The only type of challenge I've been posting this year are must include the lines challenge so here's another one. Can be any Lita pairing/friendship that you like but must include:

Guy of your choice: "That's it. I'm leaving."
Lita: "This isn't an airport. You don't have to announce your departure."

Fic Challenge
Lita - Proud
Everything I seem to watch lately is giving me ideas for challenges. Another lines must be included challenge. Can be any Lita Pairing you want but must include:

Lita: "I didn't realise we would be sharing."
Guy of your choice: "I find it helps for both parties to be present when spending the night together."

Fic Challenge
Lita - Proud
Just had another idea watching 24 hours in A & E. Can be anything you want again but must include the following:

Lita: "Why are you making that noise?"
Guy of your choice: "Because I'm a drama queen."

Can be any Lita pairing or just a friendship. Go mad. Any takers?

Fic Challenge
Lita - Proud
Might try this one myself but wanted to put out there if anyone wants to give it a shot. It's just a couple of lines which needs to be included. Stolen from Lost in Space on Netflix. Any Lita pairing really.

Guy: "I'm okay."

Lita: "I never said you weren't. Do you want me to argue? Because I can do that."

Non fic post -
Lita - Proud
I'm personally trying to get back into writing. Is there any interest in starting this community up again? I know nothing has been posted for nearly 5 years but my love for Lita still remains strong.

Fic: Shining 1/1 (Lita/Punk) PG
Lita smirking
Title: Shining
Author: alilypea/awritinglilypea
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Lita/Punk
Summary: It's so rare that he's home.


Fic: Give Me Something To Believe (Lita/Randy, R, 6/?)
Lita - New Pic
Fic: Give Me Something To Believe
Author: cherrycokerocks
Pairings: Lita/Randy, Melina/Nitro, Edge, Mickie, Candice, others
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rating: R
Warnings: None really.
Spoilers: None really, set after 06/11/07 Draft.
Summary: He wasn’t supposed to get involved, it was only for a bet.
Authors notes: Slightly tweaked answer to PR_Scatterbrain’s challenge which can be found here. Set in June 2007, after the draft has taken place. As the draft isn’t until Monday, I’ll be making my own adjustments to the rosters as I see fit. Lita is still with the WWE and has just been drafted back to Raw from Smackdown where she went with her on screen boyfriend, Edge when he won the title from The Undertaker.

Previously Chapters 1 - 5

Additional Notes: I haven't updated this fic for 5 years. But thanks to Edge's new DVD I got inspiration. Let's hope I can finish it now :)

here @ longest_sunset